This is Kyle Mathers signing off

Stay Class New

With the end of this class, the semester, and (for now) my graduate school career it’s time to reflect on what I’ve learned the past few months and years. A degree in public history is meant to cover a plethora of topics and give you a wide variety of experiences in the field, similar to this class. The focus may have been “new media,” but what is new media? Apparently, it’s a wide variety topics ranging from Facebook to online encyclopedias. This class has tried to accomplish more and cover more ground than any other class I’ve taken. And I would say it was fairly successful.

We skimmed over a lot of topics and there were others I wish we could have spent more time on. We were able to gain some practical grounding in certain areas with our work in the lab or other assignments, but I would have liked to hone those skills a little more. But there simply wasn’t enough time to cover every topic in depth as much as I would have liked. That would require multiple courses, probably an entire degree field. The skills I have learned are already helping me create digital projects in my current positions. I intend to expand on these in the future to create even better projects.

Of all the projects I have worked on over the past two years, this has been one of my favorites. Part of that has to do with the content, but I found much of what I learned to be applicable to what I’m doing here and now. It has been a long but fruitful semester. Stay classy New Media.